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    No matter how pretty your website, blog or facebook pages are, it really means nothing if your message doesn't get heard or isn't effective. In truth, most sites fall short on both accounts.


    But how do you get a story to go viral? How do you get your readers to engage and act on your message? 


    No one likes to "be sold". We don't like feeling we're just getting a sales pitch. People want substance. Something they can leave with right away, feeling better about themselves, their situation or their lives. We need to give something to get something.


    My writing style invites people to learn about your business, and leaves them wanting more. You'll receive more calls, more contacts, and most important, more business.



    Websites have to be more than just pretty to be effective in selling your product or service. Elements must flow, be easy to use, and must actually work well! You wouldn't believe the number of sites that have links that don't work, text that doesn't load properly, or has poor grammar or typos!


    With the array of different ways to access internet sites, it's also important to have responsive sites which can self-adjust to desktop computers, tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc.


    Yet, while it's important to have modern features on your website, you don't want your message lost. Strong content is key to having an effective site that motivates readers to contact you. The better the content, the better the chance you will attract the "right" person to your business.



    Again, "content is king". But, it must be quality content. A quantity of crap content won't win you customers, or the love of search engines. Stuffing a site full of content just for the sake of adding content is never a good move, and it can backfire as you alienate your customer base, who are smart enough to see through the ploy.


    In order to stay ranking with the major search engines, the addition of quality content is critical. Content must also be appropriate to your industry and your business, and must be added on a regular basis. For most business owners this isn't something you have the time or experience to do yourself, or to assign an already-busy employee to do for you.


    SEO, SEP, Search engine rankings....there are a lot of terms to describe one very simple concept. Your website, blog, social media content must satisfy the needs and requirements of search engines. And they all look to quality content.

    Websites need to be more than just pretty

    "I create words others love to read"

    Great writing


    You've probably heard it by now. Content is king! But this is really nothing new. Content has always been the key to being successful in reaching your target audience, whether they are called a customer, a client or a patient. For over 35 years I have been writing for business. I have worked for a variety of medical practices, including dental, mental health, cardiovascular, rheumatology and plastic surgery. I have written for musicians, real estate, architecture, engineering, health, beauty and the restaurant and bar industry.


    Content can comprise a whole lot more than just a website. Even though a quality website which is both compliant with and considerate of search engine needs AND addresses the needs and desires of your clientelle is extremely important, "content" means so much more. Content can be in the form of social media posts, blog posts, news releases, news stories and even newsletters and mailings you send. It is important to create content that is cohesive and uniform in feel and flavor. Friendly, informative, and motivational. Your story needs to be told in a way that informs, engages and inspires. 


    My goal in writing is to tell your story in a style that is easy for readers to make a connection. Once a connection is made and your audience feels comfort, safety and trust, you boost the business that comes from your website. My writing style is relaxed and personal, conveying your business story in a way that your clientelle will already feel familiar with you when they come to your business. After getting to know you on your website, blog, or other printed materials they'll feel ready to act.


    In short, my writing is captivating because I'm passionate about what I do. 


    I specialize in creating:                                       


    • blog articles

    • website content

    • social media content

    • magazine and print articles

    • news releases

    • book writing & editing

    • flip-books

    • video promotion clips

    I offer piece-work or marketing packages for small business:


    • custom website

    • business blog

    • social media content

    • SEO and SEP for better search results

    • monthly customer newsletters

    • informative flip-books to help describe your services

    makes great business



    Broadening the limits of website design and blogging to have your clients and customers take notice of your brand is my ultimate goal.


    In order to make your business stand apart from your competition, I utilize all technologies available including the use of flip-books, custom video promotional pieces, banners and more. 

    Flip books can be an excellent way of informing and educating, handling larger amounts of text than is usually wanted on websites, blogs or on social media, while at the same time being highly entertaining and engaging. 

    30 second to 2 minute promotional videos can be an effective way to spice up everything from websites to social media posts and are HOT!

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