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    my writing

    How can I write about such diverse topics?


    I've been blessed with curiosity, and an intense hunger to learn all I can about the things that capture my interest...whether work related or in pursuit of a new hobby or interest. 


    I have published and distributed specialized national newsletters, edited two books for publication for the author, created a custom database application for the medical field, wrote and created custom websites for customers in a variety of industries, authored how-to and informational articles, produced, filmed and edited video segments for Cable TV, and created "Eye Candy Classics", a collection of my own classic car photography as art.

    My venture as a magazine publisher fuels my passion for meeting other interesting people and challenges my writing and design work in new found ways.


    My personal interests include classic American cars and trucks, horses and equestrian activities, photography, writing, interior design/architecture, woodworking and gardening. I enjoy these pursuits at the ranch South Central Texas ranch that I share with my husband and business partner Guy, along with our dog, cats and six horses.


    My elder horse is in his thirties (a major accomplishment) and is joined by five others we rescued from situations where owners were no longer able to provide adequate care. Guy's 32 year old horse Ebony recently succumbed to old age and is sorely missed by all. Our horses are a treasured pleasure in my off-time.


    My children are grown and have successful careers of their own. They are supportive of my endeavors and are always an inspiration to my writing.

    informative, engaging, motivating

    Over the last 30 years I have written articles on a variety of topics including psychology, health, dentistry, fashion and beauty, music, cosmetic surgery, real estate, restoration, as well as performance racing and classic cars.


    Prior to the Internet, I published a national subscription newsletter, edited several books, and produced works in photography and video. I'm now active on the Internet both in website creation and in getting them ranked on search engines. I contribute articles to several blogs on a regular basis.

    I am currently Health & Wellness Editor for SA Monthly Magazine, San Antonio's #1 Online Contemporary Magazine, and have written for my own column as well as authored a feature cover story. I am excited to launch a new bi-monthly magazine for classic car enthusiasts in 2018 with 100,000 subscribers to start the first issue. As publisher and editor-in-chief, it is the ultimate achievement.


    I'm an author who writes on topics that interest me. These topics come easy because I've already learned a lot about them. I can easily relate back to when I was learning, and the type of information I was anxious to get ahold of. It is not difficult for me to give your readers what they also need and want.


    I'm also old school. I know how to research a topic, and when I take on a new client in a field I am new to, I take the time to learn all I can about it. When I'm creating a new website, for example, I take the time to learn about your competition and about the people you are trying to reach.


    Research is extremely important in producing effective writing that motivates. Research also is necessary for accuracy. Giving facts that are truly helpful to your readers is essential. Facts and effective writing motivate people into action. Their action is what brings you more business.